Extended Validation (EV)

BlackCert Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates 

Extended Validation Is The Ultimate in SSL Trust

GREEN = TRUST - Get it today!

BlackCert Extended Validation (EV) Certificates are built on the highest level of authentication and the highest level of validation in the industry today.


EV Certificates are designed to boost customer confidence in the world of ecommerce. Only through a rigorous verification process, assured by the highest encryption standard does a site gain the EV Certificate.
Consumers are assured by visual cues right in the browser, such as the green address bar.

Green means Trust, and nearly 100% of all browsers on the web work with the BlackCert EV Certificate.

Why is it so trusted?

It is baked in by design, starting with the issuance. By incorporating the highest standards in the industry for identity assurance, the legitimacy of entitities online is assured. A rigorous evaluation and extensive documentation validates authenticity, identity and ownership.

Until Extended Validation came along, standards for how to verify organizational information did not exist. Additionally, padlock images and icons have been used all over the web. Cue the confusion. And thus Extended Validation came along.

The process that BlackCert EV Certificates uses is based on a strictly defined process defined by the CA/Browser Forum. 

The Process

It starts with contact from a validation specialist, where the request for a certifcate is confirmed. Next, the verification will check whether the applicant is authorized to receive the certificate on behalf of the organization. The points:

  • Validate the legal, physical, and operational existence of the entity
  • Validate official records that validate the identity of the entity 
  • Validate that the entity has exclusive right to use the domain specified
  • Validate the entity has properly authorized the issuance of the certificate


With a BlackCert EV Certificate, the door is wide open to consumers that have trust.

Plus, you get a no-questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

At the same time, the highest encryption level in the industry keeps others out. With solid transport encryption, snooping is totally impractical and not possible for most. Conversions rates and customer confidence will see big improvements.

The expectations and routines of online consumers have shifted and they expect security.They expect identity, and they are looking for someone to trust.

BlackCert EV Certificates provide proof and confidence in the eyes of customers which says that they are connected to the site that they intended. They can also rest assured that the owner of that site can be identified and located.  

BlackCert EV Certificates applies to anyone who engages in sensitive transcations online including financial service providers, governments at every level, heath care providers, and more.

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