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BlackCert is proud to be one of an exclusive number of providing Certificate Authorities that can offer UCC/SAN SSL certificates.

Other SSL certificates simply can't do what BlackCert UC Certificates are able to do. Our Unified Communications Certificates (also known as MDC, UCC, UC or SAN Certificates) use Subject Alternative Names that will secure up to 100 server names with just one certificate.

While that sounds like a wildcard certificate, BlackCert UC Certificates are more secure because they are specific to which domains and which hosts are being protected. At the same time, they are more flexible because they are not limited to just one domain.

Example: Wildcard SSL certificates will protect all subdomains of a certain domain such as *.domain.com. However, the similarities end there.
BlackCert UC Certificates will protect *.domain.com, *.domain.net, and the list goes on.


MDC/UCC/SAN certificates include 3 Fully Qualified Domain Names aka FQDN’s

Beyond traditional and wildcard certificate with SSL support for Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications Server

Fully trusted by 99.9% of email clients and web- browsers

Simple certificate management on a single certificate 

BlackCert 24/7 Customer Support Chat/Email/Phone

 It's a perfect SSL scenario for your Exchange Server environment, your Office Communications Server, Lync and your entire setup. You have one certificate that is easy to administer, protects everything with the HIGHEST grade SSL features in the industry, an unlimited server license and all the flexibility that you need. 

The BlackCert UC Certificate will let you simplify the management of your Microsoft Exchange or Office Communications Server environment.

For Example: One UC certificate can be used to secure the following Exchange Server domains:

mail. domain.com,
auto- discovery.domain.com,
mail.domain- internal.com


Lowered administrative and deployment costs

Up to 100 SANs from a single certificate

Simple certificate installation and management in feature-rich environments

Any combination of domain names, subdomain, localhost names and internal IP addresses.

Flexible security for web, SMTP, POP/IMAP, and other UC servers including Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office Communications Server.

Secure client-server and server-server communications.

Meets official UC certificate compliance requirements.

Specific hostnames for SSL authentication, exceeding wildcard capabilities and reducing risk.

Highest grade SSL technology in the industry

Mobile browser support, ubiquitous in nearly 100% of all browsers.

 30-day refund policies for peace of mind 

 Always available expert Chat, Phone & E-mail support




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